Measuring muscle and fat volumes in abdominal CT scans

Operating system: Windows
Slicer version: 4.11

Does anyone have any tutorials on how to calculate visceral mass, muscle mass, and visceral adipose tissue volume on abdominal CT scans? I am asking as a new user who has no background in medical imaging and very basic background in biology. Thank you!

You can use Segment Editor module to segment these structures and then use Segment Statistics module to get get their volumes. This has been discussed before on this forum, so you might find some more information by searching here.

Thank you lassoan for your information.

Is there a tool to get the fat volume and separate it from the muscle volume? I have seen most of questions in the forum does not specify one tool. For example in my project I am planning to segment rotator cuff muscles and determine the fat volume and muscle volume separately by CT scan…

Please avoid double posts, thank you.