Media control symbol in button with same style - Play Stop Previous and Next

Hi guys,
I’m trying to build an extension that can control the images play back. I made the UI with media control symbol and the timeline slider.
I got one problem where I can’t find the set of unicode symbol that render with same color.
here is the code for play button
self.playSequenceButton = qt.QPushButton(u"\u25B6")
Stop: “\u25A0”
Previous: \u23EA - Next: \u23E9 (I also tried \u23ED and \u23EE
The Play and stop render as gray, and I can change their color by setStyleSheet(“color: red”) function.
But the previous and next button render as blue back ground characters as attached, and I can’t change their color using setStyleSheet. It’s like the characters are color fixed.

I tried to use png icon, but it will required more work. Just curious if we can just use Unicode character for this.

Hi @haphantran, Slicer already has a media control widget for playing sequences that is currently used in the Sequence browser module. Sequences — 3D Slicer documentation

Did you not like that design of the sequence control widget? Could you provide feedback to how you might change it so it could be improved for all Slicer users?

I’ve not attempted Unicode symbols before but have used the Slicer sequence playback widget. Here is where the icons are defined for the Slicer playback widget. Slicer/Modules/Loadable/Sequences/Widgets/Resources/Icons at v5.2.1 · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub