Merging masks of nifti format and assigning conductivities to each

Hi, I have masks of different regions of brain in niftii format. I want to combine all the masks and assign conductivities to the same after which I need to mesh the output. I wanted to know if it can be done using 3D slicer. Your help is very much appriciated

If these are from the same brain, they you can load each mask as a segmentation, and then use the Segmentations module to copy them into a single segmentation. See the user documentation

Thank you for your response. I tried doing it, but the output file is missing some segments. I am attaching the images below.

What I am trying to do is to add the masks and label them in a single file after which I can assign conductivities to do simulations. The segmentations after adding all the masks are what I want. Is there a way to label them? Also, I am not sure why the output is missing segments.

I can’t tell what labels are missing from your screenshots. I am not seeing any spaces in segmentation.

You can rename them in whichever you like, double click the segment names and enter your text. You can also use the Terminology module and use standard DICOM anatomical terms to label your segments.