Meshing separate parts in SegmentMesher

Hello all,
I am using SegmentMesher extension to mesh two different segments that are connected to each other. Actually the reason I am using SegmentMesher is that I want a mesh that is conformal in the boundaries of two objects that are in contact (a mesh that results in having the same nodes in the boundary), and I found SegmentMesher is capable to do that. My problem is that I have to export both of the objects in one model in the slicer and then save both of them as one file (vtk or vtu). I know that I can use codes such as meshio to convert vtk file into a mesh file that can be used in FEA software, but is there any way to separate the objects that I have? Because In fact I have two objects but I get one vtk file in the slicer.

Thank you for your help.

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