Minimum setup for tracking and navigation

Hi all,
I have a question about the integration of Slicer and a tracking/navigation system.
What is the minimum setup (both hardware and software) for running a demo of surgical tools tracking and navigation?

Thanks a lot!

To demonstrate the concept only, you can just use a webcam and print 2D barcodes. It won’t be accurate (can have up to centimeters of error), but you don’t need to buy hardware.

For accurate tracking (about a millimeter of total system error), the cheapest device to buy is the Optitrack Duo for $2300.

There is an open-source electromagnetic tracker (Anser) that you have to assemble and calibrate yourself but probably the material cost is no more than a few hundred $ and probably the error is just a few millimeters.

You can also connect Slicer to existing clinical surgical navigation systems (BrainLab and Medtronic are supported right now).

Thanks @lassoan!
It is exactly what I was looking for…amazing!