Mirroring 3D-data and calculate mismatch between lef&right side

I found out that it is possible to mirror 3D data of a CT scan, so that i.e. the right side matches the left side in uninjuried extremities. Is it also possible to calculate the mismatch between both sides (in percentage terms) in a selected area of the scan? For example, a patient with distal radius fracture on the right side, CT scan of both sides available (left side not injured): dislocation/malunion of the right side is xx %?
Thanks for your help!

You can use Surface toolbox module to mirror a model, then align using SlicerIGT extension’s Fiducial registration wizard module. You can compute mismatch (surface distance) using “ModelToModelDistance” extension.

If you have the corresponding CT image, then you can view differences in the images, too, by mirroring the volume using Transforms module (applying a transform to the volume where you change one of the 1.0 values in the diagonal to -1.0) and then apply the same transform as you applied to the segmented model.

Any possibility of showing a screen shot about mirroring images [or reversing a sequence]? I tried changing the numbers from 1 to -1, but the 3D view moved around instead of being mirrored. My particularly needs for this is because the original slices were converted in a reversed order, resulting in the left side of the body parts being displayed on the right, and vice versa. Many thanks.

You might find Surface Toolbox module simpler to use. Create a new node for output, select Mirror, check the mirror axis, then click Apply.

Many thanks, Andras, for prompt reply as usual.

Tried using the latest preview 4.11.0-2020-08-29 r29335 / 0311336 , after hitting Apply and it showed Done, it did not appear to have mirrored [or changed] anything on the screen [x, y, z all tried]. Also, in “Input model”, I could not type a name, but after “Create a new model as …” in the Output model, I could go back to choose Model_1.

Tried using formal release 4.10 … but because my segmentation was created on 4.11, I could not open it as it was displayed on 4.11 .

Surface Toolbox module operates on model nodes. You need to export the segmentation node to model node by right-clicking on it in Data module.

Got you and succeeded. Thanks a lot.
As you are so knowledgeable [and a bit off-the thread], could you redirect me to the latest progress in importing GE 4D ultrasound data either from its adult cardiac studies [E9 and E95] or from its fetal cardiac studies [E10]? Info about either direct import or indirect import via TomTec or EchoPac would greatly appreciated!

4D ultrasound import from GE systems now works well, using Image3dAPI implemented in SlicerHeart extension.