Mirroring in 3D slicer

Hello 3D slicer users!
I am working on a university project and I need to mirror the right side of a skull on the midsagittal plane, so as to create a new skull from 2 right sides. Can this be done with 3D slicer or should I use a different software?


It takes a few steps but it is entirely doable. Using MRHead as an example

  1. Crop the volume along the midsagittal plane (Crop Volume)
  2. Clone this volume (Data Module)
  3. Use ConstantImagePad filter from SimpleFilters to pad both images to the original size dimensions (since cropped images now have roughly the half size) as two new volumes.
  4. Create a new linear transform and change the sign of of the upper left corner from 1 to -1.
  5. Apply this transform to one of the volumes created in step 3 and harden the transform. You should now have a mirrored whole head, but in two volumes
  6. Use AddScalarVolume to a merge two volumes into one volume

Thanks a lot! Appreciate your help!