Mixing Modules, and Extensions

I’ve been digging on the internet for just over a week to try and figure out how to merge modules. From what I have found, it would seem like an extension is my best bet. However, my 3D slicer won’t load the extension catalogue, and I haven’t been able to load it in browser to scroll through either.

I’m doing a ‘segmentation’ using masks, and to complete it the way that we want it, we have to use 3 different modules (Editor/Model Maker/Models). The only issue is that my lab wants it to be automated, so they would just plug in the image files, and 3D slicer would run everything on its own using set parameters. I was wondering what the best way to go about this is!

Also if anyone knows why the extension catalogue is unavailable to me, I would love to know that information as well.

Hi -

A couple suggestions:

As for the extension catalog it should be available. Maybe these links will help you debug.



Hope that helps.

Thank you! I’ll try this!

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