Model to Model Distance

Operating system: OS X MAC
Slicer version: 4.11
Expected behavior: Distance calculations between models
Actual behavior: I understand that you can use model to model distance to create surface maps using the shape population viewer. However, if I want to select certain points between 2 models and get the Hausdorff distances, can you do this with just the model to model extension? I’m comparing two cranial vault volumes and I get the following output:

Is there a way to select points on the source model and obtain values for distance between that point and the target model?

What is your end goal?

You can compute max or 95% Hausdorff distance using Segment Comparison extension (in SlicerRT).

If you want to get value at selected point then you can write a few-line Python script that probes the model at specific positions then copy paste this code to the Python console:

Hello again,

My goal in general is:

Register two models together (done)

Make color maps comparing distances between the models (done)

Be able to click at a point on one model and calculate the distance between that model and the other model at any model (can’t figure out)

With the old 3D Mesh Metric module it was very easy. But with model to model distance and shape population viewer, I cannot figure out a way to calculate the inter-model distance just by selecting a specific part on the model. I thought that by running the two models into Model to Model distance you could get distance information, but from what I understand, Model to Model distance seems to be an intermediate step to creating a color map in Shape Population Viewer. While the color map is great, I need accurate distances between models at a number of different points.

Thanks in advance for your help! And I will try to RT Extension as suggested.


The example linked above does exactly this. In the example, you place the position by hovering over a position with the moues pointer but you can modify the behavior (see other examples in the script repository) to get the RAS position from a markup fiducial.

Here is the link again: Documentation/Nightly/ScriptRepository - Slicer Wiki