Modelmaker in script

Dear all,
I am trying to generate a model from a label then load it to the 3D view. I used the CLI Modelmaker but it does not work:
~/Slicer-4.6.2/Slicer --launch ~/Slicer-4.6.2/lib/Slicer-4.6/cli-modules/ModelMaker ./label.nrrd ./model.stl
What about if the label has multiple colors, how can I generate multiple models from such label.

It would be nice if you update the wiki to include such information.


In general, I would recommend using a segmentation node module for displaying segments in both 2D and 3D:

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Thanks Andras, this is really helpful. I just like to comment that it works only with the nightly build.

Yes. The latest stable version is very old.

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