Modifying translation files

I downloaded the Chinese translation file from the official website, but how can I add the translation file to the Slicer project and then modify it

While you can modify translation files locally, I would recommend to update translation on Weblate and download the translation file from there. See more information in the LanguagePacks extension documentation.

But I modified part of the function to add some things, they also need to be translated, in the local I now have to manually modify it

If you modify Slicer core source code then you need to regenerate the translation source file using Qt’s lupdate tool, then add the translated strings (you can use Qt linguist), and use that in the Language Tools module.

Yes, I thought so at first, but I couldn’t find how to create a new translation file in the Slicer project

There is no option to create a new translation file

lupdate is a command-line tool, you can run it in the terminal. See more information in the Slicer i18n labs page.

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Ok Thank you very much