Morita .vol file import

I have a .vol file from a cbct volume from a morita cbct machine

This is the header from the file
I dont know how to proceed or what to do to import.

   JmVolumeVersion=1Ú  <?xml version='1.0' encoding='Shift_JIS' ?><JmVolume><Version value="1"/><Attribute><tfStatRadius value="40"/><tfStatZMax value="17.5"/><tfStatZMin value="-17.5"/><tfStatSkipLength value="0.5"/><tfStatSideLength value="2"/><tfStatIntervalLength value="2"/><tfXGridSize value="0.25"/><tfYGridSize value="0.25"/><tfZGridSize value="0.25"/><tfXLen value="100"/><tfYLen value="100"/><tfZLen value="50"/><strVolumeId value="0"/><tfInitialAngleInRadian value="2.26893"/><tfA value="0.00492927"/><tfB value="88.7966"/><tfXCenter value="0"/><tfYCenter value="0"/><tfZCenter value="0"/><iZMaxValid value="2147483647" FYI="2147483647 denotes uninitialized"/><iZMinValid value="2147483647" FYI="2147483647 

I see that you also answered here: Load vol file into 3D Slicer from Morita machine - #4 by pieper

Please try everything in that thread and tell us in detail what you find.