MRI Fat quantification in liver, muscle, subcutaneous and visceral fat


I’m currently working on a project involving fat quantification of the liver, thigh muscles, subcutaneous, and visceral fat in canines. The goal is to investigate whether an interventional radiology procedure targeting the vagus nerve could play a role in obesity management. For this, I have MRI images including T1, T2, PD, and 3D VIBE DIXON at my disposal.

As a clinician stepping into the research realm, I’m quite new to this area and currently learning to navigate 3D Slicer for image analysis. I would greatly appreciate a step-by-step guide on how to perform fat quantification using 3D Slicer, especially tips on segmenting and thresholding. If anyone knows of introductory videos or resources that could help me get started with 3D Slicer, it would be incredibly helpful.

Thanks in advance for your support!