Multiple control points in the "Edit" position state

Should the number of control points equal the summation of number of defined and number of undefined control points?

Here I had a control point in the “Edit” state which I copied and pasted into the same list to create multiple. Number of control points is 8, number of defined control points is 1 and number of undefined controls points is 0. A control point in “Edit” mode is considered neither defined or undefined? Or should it actually be considered undefined?

GetNumberOfDefinedControlPoints: returns PositionDefined or PositionDefined+PositionPreview

GetNumberOfUndefinedControlPoints: returns PositionUndefined or PositionUndefined+PositionPreview

None of them includes PositionMissing and including of PositionPreview is optional.

Therefore, sum of defined and undefined control points does not equal the number of control points.

Is there currently not a method in the API to query the number of control points that are currently in the “Edit” or “Skip placement” state?

It is confusing to me that a point can be in the “Edit” state, but have a position shown in the table. I guess this is part of what is being described at: