[Na-mic-project-week] Next Project Week 37 preparation meeting - Tuesday June 14th

Dear Project Week community,

Please join us for our next Project Week 37 preparation meeting Tuesday, June 14th (10 am Boston time, EDT) on Zoom. Next week, we will continue people/project introduction and will start the meeting with a discussion of AR-VR and rendering projects.

Registration for PW 37 is now open . Please register as soon as possible to help us better plan the schedule based on time zone of the attendees.

You can join using the following link which will remain the same for all preparation meetings:


Looking forward to see you all!


Simon Drouin and Tina Kapur

Project Week#37 will be held June 27- July 1st, 2022, with most activities taking place on the internet. Please look here for additional details: https://projectweek.na-mic.org/PW37_2022_Virtual/

Project Week 37 will adopt a format similar to Project Week 36 to maximize the accessibility of the workshop. As with Project Week 36, the workshop will mix demos and dissemination of Slicer based projects with hackathon-style working sessions.

Preparation : To prepare, we will be holding weekly meetings at 10am on Tuesdays, starting May 3rd, 2022. Please join at this link if you have a project that you would like to present or work on during project week.

Background : The Project Week is a week-long hackathon of hands on activity in which medical image computing researchers create solutions using the open source image computing platform, 3D Slicer, and VTK, ITK, CMake, and CDash libraries as well as OHIF, Cornerstone, dcmjs, vtkjs, itkjs, DICOMweb, Girder and related web technologies. Participants work collaboratively on solutions that lie at the interfaces of the fields of computer science, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and medicine. In contrast to conferences and workshops where the primary focus is to report results, the objective of the ProjectWeek is to provide a venue for creators of medical image computing open-source software creators to collaboratively work.

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