Need a slicer that can export contours


i am looking for a software that can silce my 3D solid and export the contourelements for printing. I file like dxf or any readable format would be fine. Ok, of course i can take the Gcode and look for the different elements (Line, Arc, Spline). But i would to go the other way. I am a developer of an Offline Programming system for robots and do not have time to program my own slicer.
If the is no software that can export contours, do you know of a good slicer that can generate gcode with spline. I do not want to approximate a spline by may small arcs.


I am not familiar with dxf or gcode but Slicer can generate parallel contours from a surface. The contour points will be individual points, not splines. Would that be helpful?

See “planar contours” on this page Image Segmentation — 3D Slicer documentation