Need to convert color dicom to grayscale

Operating system: Windows 7
Slicer version: 4.8.1
Expected behavior: Convert to grayscale
Actual behavior: Cannot load as a scalar volume

I have PET images that I want to get the SUV values from certain ROIs. However, I cannot load the DICOMs in because they are RGB instead of grayscale. Is there a way to convert this to grayscale? So far I see the “Vector to Scalar Volume” module, but this appears to be for images (.jpg, .png, etc).

I converted my PET to grayscale in MATLAB but I am not confident in the transfer back to Slicer. Is there an easier in-house method for the DICOM files?

How did you end up with RGB PET images? I suspect they might be secondary captures or other be non-original data and you may not be able to get SUV values out, at least not with the standard tools.

There’s a lot of detail about the kind of PET DICOM Slicer expects, for example in this paper:

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Chances are, your DICOM files are secondary captures, and this probably means you won’t be able to use them for quantitation.

It would be difficult to know more without looking at the data.

If you share the data, remember that it is your responsibility to ensure it does not contain patient identifiable information and you are in compliance with the applicable patient privacy rules.

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Thank you. I will ask the radiologist about this. If this is the case, hopefully I can get the original data.

Thank you. I will investigate. I would like to share for more clarity, and will anonymize the DICOMs if I share them.

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