Need volumetric mesh from Slicer

I have segmented a spine CT scan data using slicer. I need to import it in to the finite element software (ANSYS or Abaqus). I need to have meshing file for this. The file I get from segmentation using slicer is in STL format which is not eligible for meshing. I tried to follow this forum:

I used Cleaver 2.4 to generate the volumetric mesh. However, after the mesh, I was not able to save the file other than nrrd or obj format. What should I need to do to save the volumetric mesh file in step/iges/stl format? Please help

You can create volumetric mesh using SegmentMesher module and save it as .vtk or .vtu format. You can then use mesh converters, such as meshio to convert to other formats, such as .inp that Abaqus can import.

Hello Mr. Andras,

Thanks for your suggestion. I got the inp format. Do you know what other formats can meshio convert?

See list of supported formats in its documentation:

Hello Lasso,

I got the volumetric mesh using meshio. Do you know if I can edit the mesh file (refining the mesh) obtained from meshio using other software hypermesh? I tried to refine the mesh in abaqus. However, as I inserted a mesh file (obtained from meshio) to the abaqus, Abaqus doesn’t permit me to edit/refine the mesh anymore.

I don’t know what third-party software are available to remesh existing meshes, but there should be a number of them.

You can also change meshing parameters in Slicer to adjust the mesh resolution. You can easily specify global parameters using command-line switches (that dynamically adjust mesh resolution based on the complexity of the mesh geometry). Cleaver also allows specifying a sizing field, which should allow specifying regions where you want to have higher or lower resolution than the default.

stl files work with 3-matics software