New Dynamic Modeler tools: Hollow, Margin, ROI cut

Dynamic Modeler module allows parametric editing of models. In this post we present three new tools have been added to this module some time ago (by @Sunderlandkyl and @lassoan) but they have not been announced yet.

Hollow tool: creates a hollow model (with a specified wall thickness) from a solid surface mesh.

Margin tool: shrinks or expands the model by moving all points towards inside or outside, along the surface normals.

ROI cut tool: Cuts out or crops a model with a markups ROI box


Great… negative margin appears to be just what we need for more accurate guideBases

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This looks like a fantastic tool! Is there a way to apply these alterations on multiple models or invoke such using a script?

I’m specifically interested in using margin to shrink a large number of models (>100). It would be too tedious to do one-by-one.