New Dynamic Modeler tools: Hollow, Margin, ROI cut

Dynamic Modeler module allows parametric editing of models. In this post we present three new tools have been added to this module some time ago (by @Sunderlandkyl and @lassoan) but they have not been announced yet.

Hollow tool: creates a hollow model (with a specified wall thickness) from a solid surface mesh.

Margin tool: shrinks or expands the model by moving all points towards inside or outside, along the surface normals.

ROI cut tool: Cuts out or crops a model with a markups ROI box


Great… negative margin appears to be just what we need for more accurate guideBases

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This looks like a fantastic tool! Is there a way to apply these alterations on multiple models or invoke such using a script?

I’m specifically interested in using margin to shrink a large number of models (>100). It would be too tedious to do one-by-one.

the extension looks awesome, I really want to try the extension.

You can automate by Python scripting. See example in the script repository.

Dynamic modeler module is included in the main Slicer application (no need to install an extension).

lets say i searched all extensions and github , can’t find the dynamic modeler extension , haha ,thank you @lassoan