New export functionality

Thanks to the feedback and guidance of @lassoan, @pieper, and @jcfr. I am pleased to announce that export functionality is now available in the latest Slicer preview release. Right click on a node in the data module to see a new context menu item that allows you to quickly export an individual node.

Exporting should not interfere with saving. For example, exporting a node that was modified since the last scene save does not prevent that node from being included by default during the next scene save.

Exporting a node with a transform provides the option of applying the transform in the exported file.


Simultaneous export of multiple nodes is not yet supported.

Comments, questions, and suggestions are welcome.


This is great. Does is allow export of multiple files of the same type? Like if I create folder within data and have three volumes nested within, will it allow to export all of them to the specified folder?

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Does is allow export of multiple files of the same type?

No, not yet. This is the next aspect I’ll be looking into.

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Let us know when you do that, and we will remove the ExportAs from SlicerMorph going forward (I think that’s the only feature currently not covered).

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Update: Multiple node export now supported