New feature: configurable volume display presets in right-click menu and Volumes module

Volume display preset selections have been added to the slice view right-click menu (view context menu). It offers setting volume display (window width and level and colormap) from:

  • Window/level presets stored in the volume’s display node (typically read from DICOM)
  • Automatic window/level (maps the full intensity range of the voxels to black->white)
  • Window/level and color presets stored in VolumeDisplayPresets.json file


The presets are defined in a json file (VolumeDisplayPresets.json) and presets can be added, removed, modified by editing the file.

View context menu can modify both foreground or background volume’s window/level, using the same logic as in the window/level adjustment mouse mode (if both reground and background volume are displayed in a slice view then then foreground volume will be adjusted if foreground opacity >0 and mouse is clicked in a region inside the foreground volume).

The Volumes module’s preset selector, too, uses the window/level and color presets specified in VolumeDisplayPresets.json file.

Current limitation (will be probably improved in future versions of requested) is that VolumeDisplayPresets.json file is only read at startup. Presets cannot be dynamically changed at runtime.

Slicer preview version required.

Author: Rudolf Bumm (@rbumm)
Co-authored-by: Andras Lasso (@lassoan)

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