newbie needs advice on finding measurments and rulers in 4.6.2

Operating system: win 10 Slicer version:4.6.2
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior: need to find measurements and rulers

The Annotations module contains rulers in Slicer4, and you can place them easily from the toolbar, see all information here

A few more things:

  • Please use 4.8 or newer, as 4.6.2 is more than a year old now, and the codebase has been considerably improved since then
  • There is work towards developing a new measurements module, so please consider this especially if you want to incorporate Annotations into any new module or script

thank you very much. Are there people who teach slicer? Or another comprehensive resource?


The user documentation is pretty comprehensive
There are many tutorials with videos and stepby-step slides
The next project week where everybody who works or wants to work with Slicer is welcome will be in January

Also you’re welcome to ask questions here.

thanks. Will check it out.