No downloaded modules are loading into Slicer

Slicer 4.13.0. I am trying to load up modules from the installation path, but for some reason I am getting the folowing errors:
Error #1 while writing setting “Modules/AdditionalPaths”

Error #1 while writing setting “Modules/IgnoreModules”

Error #1 while writing setting “Extensions/ManagerEnabled”

Error #1 while writing setting “Extensions/ServerUrl”

Error #1 while writing setting “Extensions/FrontendServerUrl”

Error #1 while writing setting “Extensions/InstallPath”

In addition, when I search through the extensions manager, I cannot find SlicerMorph or SlicerRadiomics.

Those errors would indicate something wrong with the directory where your settings are stored, like maybe it’s not writable.

So, I have figured out the problem. I am installing 3D Slicer onto our department annotation station computers for the med students, and they installed it into a general account for the office use to have everyone have access. Unfortunately, this also means that in order to install packages and have everyone have access, I have to install them through the general account as well. Now the main problem is that I cannot install the modules I need from the Extension Manager. So I cannot install SlicerMorph and SlicerRadiomics from this preview build (4.13.0).

The easiest solution is to unpack Slicer into your own user folder. Recent Slicer Preview Releases are fully portable, no installation is needed at all, it runs the same way from any location (even from a USB stick).

So, this may be a stupid question, but is there a way to copy a folder containing a module of SlicerRadiomics onto a USB stick with Slicer and add that to the path in order to access it, because I have the installation on my personal laptop and my school desktop, but I need to have access to it on different computers, and the extension manager isn’t showing SlicerRadiomics still. It is showing SlicerMorph now though.

Yes, that should be possible by clicking here:

and then adding the path to the extension here:

All this is in “Application settings”:


The issue is, when I do that, it gives me the error previously reported, saying that it cannot load said module.

On your hospital network?

As @pieper said, the error probably indicates that you do not have write access to the Slicer installation folder, usually C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\

Can you try the following:

Start Slicer and install the extensions you need on your private laptop.
Exit Slicer.
The installation folder on C:\Users\Yourname\AppData\Local\NA-MIC\Slicer4.13.0-xxx-xx-xx now contains the extensions you need.
Then copy the Slicer installation directory to a USB stick like:

Run Slicer.exe from the USB on your hospital system.

That seems to have worked, thank you.

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