No "Stable" Linux extension packages since Nov 26th

Cdash is not showing any linux packages for stable. Are they still being build?

No linux packages were built today as far as I can tell.
@jcfr @Sam_Horvath

Operating System Stable Extensions builds for the period of 2023-11-20 to 2023-12-01

@jcfr not sure how to read this output. I am not seeing any extensions listed in there.

Anyways, on Cdash, there is not a single penguin iconed extension, and I am not getting the updates we introduced to SlicerMorph on Linux.

To follow-up, I confirm there is an issue with build of Stable Linux extensions (as depicted above) and I will be addressing it.

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this issue is the missing build script file:

[kitware@metroplex DashboardScripts]$ ./
./ line 70: /home/kitware/bin/slicer-buildenv-qt5-centos7-slicer-5.6: No such file or directory

The script issue has been fixed, build should now occur as normal


Following @Sam_Horvath investigative work and fix, we also update our release process to avoid similar from happening again. For reference, see PR-Slicer/DashboardScripts#62