NRRD contour to Dicom

Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise
Slicer version:4:11.0

I am not sure did my last question post correctly. It is my first time asking a question here, I douth it will be my last :slight_smile:

I have a CT and Segmentation/Contour in .NRRD format
I have the same CT in Dicom format.
I want to get the segmentation/contour into Dicom format

When I load the CT and Segmentation/Contour in .NRRD format, the scale and orientation is off

I can fix the orientation by applying a flip transform

I am looking for a scale transform so that I can scale the CT + Segmentation/Contour by the same amount.

Appreciate any help. It looks like like the .nrrd files are scaled by a magnitude of 10 wrong. mm instead of cm.

Any help appreciated.

Operating system:Windows 7 Enterprise
Slicer version:4.11.0
Expected behavior:
Actual behavior:

I have an original CT in Dicom format
I have the same CT in .NRRD format
I have a segmentation/contour in .NRRD format

I want the segmentation/contour in Dicom format with the same scale and orientation as original CT

When I load CT + segmentation/contour in NRRD format the scale and orientation are incorrect.

I can fix the orientation by applying a flip transformation

I don’t know how to create a scale transformation

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