NthMarkup changed into NthControlPoint?

As someone suggested me, i read the documentation about the Migration to Slicer 5.0
I have this method called SetNthMarkupDescription() but i found no clue into the guide except for this line:
vtkMRMLMarkupsNode::GetNthMarkupSelected() is replaced by GetNthControlPointSelected()

It’s not SetNth and i’ve check if ControlPoint existed in the Slicer 4, but no. There is no method with ControlPoint in it.

I made a guess and i noticed that exist in Slicer 5.0 a method called SetNthControlPointDescription.

So i changed SetNthMarkuptDescription into SetNthControlPointDescription. Can someone confirm that i did right?

Yes, all Get/SetNthMarkup... methods have been renamed to Get/SetNthControlPoint....

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