Nvidia AI-assisted annotation (AIAA) for 3D Slicer for Windows

for setting up this software I’m only finished step 1 and can’t fix step 2 and step 3. I’m asking for help

step-1 :Download and install recent 3D Slicer Preview Release (4.11.x) from http://download.slicer.

step-2 :Start 3D Slicer and open the Extension manager
step-3: Install NvidiaAIAssistedAnnotation extension (in Segmentation category), wait for the installation to complete, and click Restart

From the “Welcome Page” select “Install slicer extensions”


In the “extension manager”, go → “Install extensions” and select “Segmentations” from the category list.

Install, them restart Slicer.


Thanks alot

في الاثنين، ١٤ يونيو، ٢٠٢١ ١١:٤٦ م Rudolf via 3D Slicer Community <slicer@discoursemail.com> كتب: