Nvidia blog on segmentation of torsos and brains


If anybody is interested how to use MONAI bundle to integrate models from MONAI model ZOO

Thank you very much for sharing this!
Do you know if anyone has done any head to head comparisons of TotalSegmentator vs the Monai complete body segmentation trained with the TotalSegmentator annotated dataset?

I will do some tests soon too.


No, Eva, not aware of this, I only know that the Monai complete body segmentation has been trained using the TotalSegmentator training dataset. But it would be interesting to see a comparison in segmentation quality, segmentation time, and necessary hardware requirements.

As far as I know they have very similar output, but MONAILabel’s model is slower and requires more memory. You could probably optimize the model to reduce its resource needs and computation time.

TotalSegmentator model quality will be further improved and more segments and body parts will be added. I don’t know if there is any plan or capacity of the MONAILabel team to further improve their model - keep improving the training data and retraining the model while keeping it fast, robust, and accurate would be a full-time job for someone.

Thank you so much Andras for this information, it is very helpful.

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