Open source Human Anatomy Atlas


I would also add that since we discussed this we spent some more time with gltf and available web viewers and improved the SlicerOpenAnatomy extension. As a result we now have a very good workflow for creating and share models:

  • Create/edit segmentation using Segment Editor
  • Export segmentation to glTF format using SlicerOpenAnatomy extension. The glTF file stores segment names, hierarchy, and display properties. We use simple shading and no texture, but we could specify more interesting textures, too.
  • Upload the glTF file to GitHub or Dropbox (or use any custom file hosting).
  • Embed the model into your website or view on a computer/tablet/phone using a free glTF web viewer. For example, you can use, which can show/hide branches of the hierarchy, click on any model to get information on it, click on a structure in the model tree to see that in 3D, etc. Click here for an example.


This workflow has many advantages:

  • No software installation is needed for model viewing.
  • You can create high-quality yet lightweight, fast-loading models (glTF is a high-efficiency export format, not a document format such as .blend). See an example with nice textures and lighting here.
  • Everything is completely free. (not even $1)
  • The data does not have to be uploaded to third-party servers - just your own server or the cloud service provider to store your data.
  • You can share data privately: only those people can access your file on Dropbox who has received the link from you.

You can find some more information in this topic: