Open source Human Anatomy Atlas

Hello everybody,

You may like to see the first steps towards what should become a full open source 3D human anatomy atlas; you can now download the .blend files (Blender offers great options to organize and visualize these files) at

To be kept informed, you can follow the ‘z-anatomy’ linkedin and facebook pages.
It is just the beginning; the files will be updated regularly.

All comments are welcome,


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@Melodicpinpon I think it was very good and a lot of hard work has been put into it. Thank you and I will share this with my colleagues. Congratulations to you and the team on your great work.

As a suggestion, moving forward may need to simplify the navigation for users not familiar with Blender. is there a Slicelet like an option for blender?

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Hi Manjula,

It is possible to import a .dicom converted into a pile of images (.jpg/.png) and to apply a boolean operation with a cube to get a similar effect, and even to reproduce the MPR effect with a simple node setup and a script. Using images on their original plane, definitely yes.

For the meshes, it is very different; although it is possible to reproduce something comparable to a slice-scroll function with orthographic views and the ‘clip start’ option of the view menu; every virtual plane created by the slicing through the mesh would be empty and let appear the inner side of the surface of the object; the system would be a hack and have several serious disadvantages compared to a regular .dicom viewer (glitchy, slow, heavy computing…).

Clipping border (Alt+B) allows to get a rapid slicing effect but it is not editable; each clipping box must be done one at a time. (Z-Anatomy on LinkedIn: Demo fonctions de base)

I take good note of your question and will investigate; it would be a great option.
Maybe with nodes.

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I contacted Cicero Moraes that works much linking .dicoms and Blender to ask him the question.
You can see his work when searching ‘Orthogonblender’.

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