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Hello again

One silly question

I am trying to import tiff or bmp files to built a volume with 3dslicer, in theory it works, but, It only builds a multi-volume file, one for each slice. I would like it to build one single volume with all the slices, is it possible? Just in those cases in which I did not have dicom files. here I show you how I am trying to do it


In volume menu this is what appears. I have to change parameters to built them in the correct size, but if I have to do this with each image it can be neverending.


I would like to import also *flt files in 3dslicer. Is that possible?

Thank you very much.

See this thread: Unable to do 3D rendering from a sequence of tiff images

I have done all that, if you have a look to the first image you can see single file bottom is uncheck. In Volume menu, they appear each one of the images separately and not building a volume.

Any idea?

Forget it, I only have to load one file, I was loading all of them…

Thank you for that.

I am continuing playing with the software


Hello Laura,

I have the same problem for to load tiff images, but I don’t understand the instructions. Have I to load only a image? then how the volume is building with only a image?

Please, can you explain me how to do that it works?

What did you do? What did you expect to happen? What happened instead?

I have the tiff images of a CT Scan. I tried to load the images but the volume is not building, the images appears isolated. So I tried to follow this instructions:
If I understand the step 2, only a image need to be load. But when I do that only can see that slice.


Have you performed this step? “Click on Show Options and uncheck the Single File option”