Opening extension manager makes Slicer crash on Linux

@tbillah Use the method to get to the slicerappstore as described in this linked post:

The Slicer appstore site is indeed very slow to load (if it loads at all).

@jcfr @Sam_Horvath could you please have a look at the server? Thanks!

It’s very fast to load for me when you prepopulate the search fields. Here’s a link when searching Windows/x64/revision 28257 (Slicer.4.10.2)

Thank you, I confirm that pre-populating the fields make it load immediately. Probably auto-detection of latest version is slow because many preview release files piled up. I guess cleaning up older preview release files or switching to Girder will address this.

@jamesobutler, I used the link from @jcfr’s post:

Plugged in Linux, 64 bit, 28257, it’s still taking forever.

Even tried clicking Diffusion, Process etc on the left, didn’t help either. This is opposite to what @lassoan confirmed.

For me, this page loads immediately:

For Preview Releases, extensions may not be built for every platform for every revision, because there is only one build per night and if there is any error then there will be no extensions for that night. You can see on the dashboard what is built each night and any build and test warnings and errors.

Hi all,
I have still problem with extension manager and data store too.
If I try to open a new windows, it crashes.

I’m using Arch Linux and Slicer 4.11.0-2019-09-30.

Let me know if I can provide further information.
Thanks a lot!


Sorry, my fault!
I got that error if I use it via X2go, if I use the “real” desktop it works without problem.

Sorry for the noise!


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