Organization name and domain changed from NA-MIC to Slicer

Following the discussion below, the 3D Slicer application has updated the Slicer_ORGANIZATION_NAME from “NA-MIC” to “Slicer” and Slicer_ORGANIZATION_DOMAIN from to At the time of this change, 3D Slicer is developed primarily by the Slicer community rather than the NA-MIC community. Distribution of 3D Slicer is hosted at rather than at

This change does not mark an end to the NA-MIC relationship with 3D Slicer, but this change improves consistency of the application to identify its latest releases as being developed and published by the Slicer community.

Slicer settings will now be under a Slicer directory location rather than NA-MIC. Please review the Settings File Location documentation for details about the settings location on various platforms.

  • Developers, you may need to update any scripts that you may have that include a NA-MIC reference to a filepath.
  • Existing settings files in the NA-MIC location are not currently planned to be migrated over to the new location. See the discussion about this topic for more details.

Migration guide comment about this change:

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