Organizational Changes to DICOM Databse

I’ve been using a custom extension for Slicer3D for bone analysis and realized that I accidentally ran an analysis on incorrect images because when importing the DICOMs from a folder, it appears extremely similar in the DICOM Database. If there was an easier way to distinguish these DICOMs, my analysis would have run smoother. I thought that the following changes may help:

  1. Having the File Names in the DICOM Database where the DICOMs were imported from.
  2. Anything that pertains to dates, have it in a simpler format such as dd/mm/yyyy. For times, use the local machine’s time and have the option to switch between military and non-military formats.
  3. Have arrows on both sides of a column to change its size. I was trying to adjust the column widths and it wasn’t quite intuitive.

Thanks for the suggestions. We are working on a completely new, patient-oriented, visual DICOM browser with thumbnails and more clear separation of patients and studies. We expect to make it available within a few months.


Hello again!

I was just curious to know if there was any new information regarding the release of the new DICOM database. I’ve been tasked to create a tutorial video regarding how to use our custom extension with Slicer, and I’d like to incorporate the new database in the video to help prevent confusion. Thanks!

We experienced some performance issues that we are addressing in the coming weeks, so probably the feature will be available around the end of August.