"other DICOM listeners running" on startup

I recently started seeing the message below every time on startup. I don’t start any listeners knowingly. Is this message expected?


The error message means that the DICOM module detects running processes that have storescp in their name. Do you actually have such processes running?

No, not to my knowledge. I do not think I knowingly started any storescp processes. I guess I should investigate whether this is caused by any of the extensions first … Let me disable all extensions and see if I still get this popup.

Storescp may be run by other applications with DICOM networking features, not just by Slicer. When Slicer reports that this process is found, run ps -A to confirm.

Ah, good point! Indeed, I see it running with ps. But it is running from the Slicer application folder. And it is not stopped when I close Slicer. If I uninstall all extensions, it is still started when I start Slicer.


I think this is a Slicer core feature. Check if “Start listener when Slicer starts” checkbox is enabled in the DICOM module (in the module panel).

Yes, indeed - it was checked. I don’t recall checking it though, and when it is checked, I would expect Slicer to shut it down on application exit. But in any case, the issue I had is resolved - no more automatic startup, and the popup is gone. Thank you!

Yes, it is supposed to, at least it used to.