Packaging error for custom markups module


One library is missing during packaging while building a custom markups module, which fails to show when installed with the extensions manager pointing to a local *.gz package.

The build directory lib/Slicer-5.1/qt-loadable-modules/ contains 9 files, while only 8 files are included in the lib/Slicer-5.1/qt-loadable-modules/ directory of the package.

The missing library is libqSlicer${MODULE_NAME}

I can manage using --additional-module-paths pointing to the build tree. Reporting as I suppose it may need a fix.

Thank you.

Please compare your code to how a custom NURBS surface markup is implemented in the SurfaceMarkup extension. For example, make sure you remove NO_INSTALL from the CMakeLists.txt.

Yes this solves the issue.

I had a quick glance at the SurfaceMarkup extension, I noted that the NURBS algorithm allows to create concave surfaces in particular. This is highly interesting, and I’m wondering if something similar can be achieved with a tube or a sphere primitive, rather than a plane. I’ll delve into that as time permits.

Thank you very much.

P.S : I could not find a way to change the title of this discussion, it’s obviously not a packaging error.