Path of slicer app

Dear developer,
I want to design a package which need the path of the slicer installed on user’s computer, is there some command that can find the path of the slicer location automatically?
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# all nodes are saved relative to this path
# write-able folder, you can use this to store any temporary data 
# Slicer core binary folder 
# Slicer extensions folder 
# path of a scripted module (in this example: Sample Data module

sorry, but I mean the launcher of slicer,
such as /Applications/

Sorry I am not on a Mac, but what do you get with this call?

I think it is incomplete?
Thank you,

If Slicer is in the Applications directory of a Mac, you should be able to use

which Slicer

from bash.

That looks correct to me. Just ignore the /Contents part and that is the mac application folder.