Patient Identifiers in Scans


I want to use slicer to extract radiomic data from CT scans. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get deidentified images. My question is whether it is safe to use images with patient identifiers. I want to do my research the right way and I don’t want to jeopardize any identified patient data.



I think for most practical purposes you can save the data in nrrd format which will remove the patient information from the standard tags.

But I think I have people really going the extra mile and describing things like changing image origins and axes like that. And i understand it to be a very complex topic.

Most institutions will have guidelines about what is considered safe practices for using identified data for research. Saving to nrrd without using real names or ids as filenames is a common practice for de-identifying and will work fine for radiomics research. There are probably still institutional rules you will need to follow to safeguard the data even if it’s been de-identified in this way.