Perform cortical and trabecular bone segmentation of a Talus bone to generate a 2body STL file

I apologise for being extremely naive in the field of biomechanics and radiology but I need to extract a 3D model of Talus bone from a CT scan of a foot. So far I have been successful in segmenting the outer structure of Talus bone from the DICOM file which has provided me with a 1 body 3D CAD model. However, as you might be aware, the Talus bone comprises the outer cortical bone with an inner Trabecular bone. So I would like to get a 3D CAD model containing 2 different bodies (one of each bone) with a considerable amount of accuracy. Kindly help me understand the steps that I need to follow in Slicer software to achieve the same.
Thank You

You can easily create a fixed-thickness segment to represent the cortical bone:

  • create a new segment
  • click Logical operators effect, Copy operation, choose the first segment to copy from, and click Apply
  • click Margin effect, Shrink operation, type the thickness into Margin size, then click Apply

An alternative approach is to create a volumetric mesh (using SegmentMesher extension), and set CT density values as point data in each point of the mesh (using Probe Volume with Model volume). I think FEBio Studio can load these meshes and use the CT density values to vary material properties across the mesh.

You can use the “fill holes inside bones” Python script to fill these holes fully automatically.