Perform cortical and trabecular bone segmentation of a Talus bone to generate a 2body STL file

I apologise for being extremely naive in the field of biomechanics and radiology but I need to extract a 3D model of Talus bone from a CT scan of a foot. So far I have been successful in segmenting the outer structure of Talus bone from the DICOM file which has provided me with a 1 body 3D CAD model. However, as you might be aware, the Talus bone comprises the outer cortical bone with an inner Trabecular bone. So I would like to get a 3D CAD model containing 2 different bodies (one of each bone) with a considerable amount of accuracy. Kindly help me understand the steps that I need to follow in Slicer software to achieve the same.
Thank You

You can easily create a fixed-thickness segment to represent the cortical bone:

  • create a new segment
  • click Logical operators effect, Copy operation, choose the first segment to copy from, and click Apply
  • click Margin effect, Shrink operation, type the thickness into Margin size, then click Apply

An alternative approach is to create a volumetric mesh (using SegmentMesher extension), and set CT density values as point data in each point of the mesh (using Probe Volume with Model volume). I think FEBio Studio can load these meshes and use the CT density values to vary material properties across the mesh.