PET SUV quantification get blank value sometimes. (with the PET Standard Value Computation module)

Aim:SUVmax/SUVmean and other relevant parameters were obtained by mapping the 3D ROI (not cross-sectional) of intestinal cross-section through the target area

For some reason, the correct SUV value rarely appeared, and sometimes the value was blank.

  1. We do not know whether the method is wrong, but have we have got the correct value according to the same method? The next day we’re going to do the same procedure with the same patient, and we can’t get the correct numbers.

  2. I wonder whether there is air in the intestine, which leads to the failure to output the correct value?

  3. Due to the winding and shape of the intestine, which is different from other solid organs, there is no good continuity between the cross sections of the intestine. After drawing each truncated surface to generate 3D ROI region, there is an obvious error: the synthetic 3D ROI region is not in the correct position of the intestine.