Playing 4d cine cardiac from CT

Hi all.

I am running into trouble playing cine of 4D cardiac data set. It did work previosuly. But now I loaded the data set into slicer as volume mode (not multivolume). When i open the data set into sequences browser to play, nothing happens. The slices sit idle and volume render does not move either. Can someone pls explain this.
The green bar just moves and shows different slices, but nothing happens in the CT or volume render images.


Your proxy node for the sequence that you are trying to play is something that ends with “…sitionTime [3]”, but what you are viewing in the Slice viewers is something that ends with “…] cropped”. I don’t think you’re actually viewing the sequence that you are playing.

Thank you so much for pointing out. I changed it and was able to play it. However, there are stair-step artifacts in the video. This is after I interpolate it to be same size. Also the slices are very thin. Is there a way to fix that. Capture1

Stair-step artifacts