PLUS with Optitrack Prime13

Dear all,

I tried to use SliceIGT and PLUS (PlusApp- in combination with Optitrack Prime 13 cameras (Motive version 2.0.0). To design the configuration file I have followed this guide:

So I have stored a .xml config file as well as two RigidBodyFiles.

According to the log files, the server started successfully, still two warning and one error occured:

|INFO|025.010000|SERVER> Server status: Starting servers.
|WARNING|025.011000|SERVER> Buffer item is not in the buffer (Uid: 0)!| in E:\D\PTNP64b\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusTimestampedCircularBuffer.cxx(176)
|WARNING|025.045000|SERVER> Unable to get timestamp from OptiTrackReferenceToTracker tool tracker buffer for time: 0| in E:\D\PTNP64b\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusChannel.cxx(1293)
|ERROR|025.046000|SERVER> Failed to get tracker buffer item UID from time: 1.137856| in E:\D\PTNP64b\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusChannel.cxx(1325)
|INFO|025.075000|SERVER> Plus OpenIGTLink server listening on IPs:,,,,,,,,, – port 18944
|INFO|025.076000|SERVER> Server status: Server(s) are running.

When connecting to the server in Slicer 3D (v4.10.2) the following warning appears:
|WARNING|181.934000|SERVER> Buffer item is not in the buffer (Uid: 1)!| in E:\D\PTNP64b\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusTimestampedCircularBuffer.cxx(182)
|WARNING|181.936000|SERVER> Unable to get timestamp from default tool tracker buffer| in E:\D\PTNP64b\PlusLib\src\PlusDataCollection\vtkPlusChannel.cxx(1158)

Furthermore, in IGT/PlusRemote I cannot select a ‘Capture device ID’ and a ‘Reconstructor device ID’ in the dropdown list (it is empty).

Does anyone know these warnings/errors? And does anyone know if PLUS is compatible with the Optitrack Prime13 or just with Duo/Trio?


Yes, Plus toolkit supports all Optitrack cameras. Since most likely the issue is in the Plus configuration file, let’s continue the discussion here:

Thanks, this issue is fixed.

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