Point on 2D CT slice image to RAS coordinate transformation

Hi community,
I encounter problems when doing point on 2D CT slice image to RAS coordinate.

I have screen shot an 2D CT image as shown below. i check some imformation for example the actual size of the image in mm is : 649.092624007295, 314.6698141861267(mm) and the sliceToRAS is [-1.0 0.0 0.0
0.0 -0.6712189288498026 -0.7412591649036953
0.0 -0.7412591649036953 0.6712189288498026 ]
also, the offset of the slice is -184.6262(mm),and the offset of the 1st image of the slice is 424.6262(mm). also the Image Origin: (204.5mm, 200mm, -361mm)
now on the 2D CT image, i want to transfer the point (716, 473) in pixel to {RAS}. the answer is R=−9.352mm,A=41.234mm, 𝑆=−229.525mm bu measurement.
can anyone tell me how the calculation should be when doing this kind of 2D-3D coordinate transformation?

thank you for the time.