Port placement for placing surgical needle on correct entry point and desired angle

I have been reading about port placement in the documentation, but not able find that module in IGT or extension manager. Please let me know where can i find that module, or how to install it.

@lassoan Hello Andras!. Can you please help me with this. How to find and install port placement module, or is there any alternative to achieve the task of placing surgical needle in the beginning in correct position and angle, for needle is used here as intervention in Image Guided operation.

I’ve submitted a fix for PortPlacement extension’s build error. We’ll see tomorrow if it works.

There are many other modules for simulating port placement and checking tool trajectories. See this post for more information.

Hello @lassoan , did the fix for PortPlacement extension build error workout, or still there is a problem?

@lassoan Hello there !!.Greetings Can you please confirm working of the port placement extension as you have mentioned, because other fixes are not suitable as per the use case.

Yes, I’ve fixed the module. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.