Positioning models

Please tell me how can I position a preprogrammed model in my segmentation easily. I’m having trouble doing it. Thanks

What do you mean by a “preprogrammed model”?

I mean a model to make the border of my segmentation to fit into other printed piece. I made a support for my printed valves and I need to align them. The border has this meaning.

This border is in stl format.

Can you post screenshots or some other illustrations of what you want to achieve?

The grey is the model I want to compare and the brown is the segmentation how to align both? I’m trying with transforms but I’m losing much time with it

Visual alignment of 3D shapes on a 2D screen is very inaccurate and time-consuming.

For your case, a much better and faster registration method is marking corresponding points on the objects and computing transform using Fiducial Registration Wizard module (in SlicerIGT extension).

Thanks. Do you have any tutorial about this issue?

I’ve created a short video that shows how to use Fiducial registration wizard:

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Thanks. Much easier and very helpful