Problem having volume rendering of 3D ultrasound image


i just downloaded Slicer and new to this. I have a 3d printer at home so i want to try printing fetus files. so i found this video on youtube. and found the exact files to try if i can render and have 3d model from a Ultrasound file. but when i put the file to slicer i cant have the same screens and just 1 on top at axial. nothing at sagittal or coronal. when i want to volume render nothing happens. Nothing changes when i choose gpu rendering and hit the eye. i have gaming laptop with i7 7700 chip and gtx 1070 gb gpu. sharing my screen with you. can you help me with this problem please.

thank you


The ultrasound image you have is just a 2D screenshot of a volume rendering. You need actual 3D data to do segmentation or real-time volume rendering.

What you have loaded is a screenshot (just a 2D volume rendered photo). This happens when 3D information is stored in private fields in the DICOM file.

SlicerHeart extension has a importers that can decode information from private fields of some DICOM ultrasound files. Install SlicerHeart and try to load the image again.

I just discovered slicer for using fetus dcm files to stl and than print.
I found the video on youtube. Downloaded the same files. But i have a different screen not the same at the video. I have a gaming laptop. İ7 7700 with a gtx 1070 8gb gpu. when i do the first step nothing happens. at first i was trying to do cpu rendering, slicer was collapsing. than see the option of gpu but nothing happens. all blank. what must i do ?

thank you.

Use the latest nightly version of Slicer, install SlicerHeart extension, and follow the instructions for loading images from GE KretzFile format.

hello Solstice could you foud the way to render it? I have the same issue, wha another file can I use?