Problem when adding second mrb file to scene

Running on Windows 10 and a recent version of Slicer (shown in picture)

When I add a second .mrb file (I’m aiming to compare two different scans) with File --> Add Data, the scene goes blank. This doesn’t appear to be a RAM issue.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

First image is the first mrb file, second image is after adding the second mrb file.

Slicer version Slicer 4.11.20200930

A .mrb file has an entire scene inside, so perhaps loading one on top of another could lead to some inconsistency. If you save the data in non-mrb form you should be able to load both volumes into a new scene.

Probably you need to select what you want to show in slice viewers (due to this issue). For example, you can go to Data module and show the two volume overlaid on top of each other using the visibility column:

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Andras, this solved my issue. Thanks again! I appreciate the help.


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