Problem with Animator and VolumeProperty

Hi All
Sorry about my English
I’d like to create animation based Animator and Volume Property action.

  1. I used Volume rendering and set Volume Property 1 at start
  2. I set Volume property 2 at end
  3. When I used Animator and Volume property action first time all looks good, but second time not
  4. When restarting the action, it turns out that volume property 1 looks the same as volume property 2, looks as if volume property 2 was copied to volume property 1 (and sometimes the other way around), or there is no change during the animation, all look like volume property 1
    Could some one explain step by step how to use Animator with Volume property action? I suppose I’m making a stupid mistake somewhere and therefore can’t deal with it.

There is a specific sequence you need to set the properties. Start should be set to VP1, End should be set to VP2, and interpolated VP should be set to the same property node as it is specifed in the Volume Rendering module.

Please read the documentation and the associated step by step instructions at