Problem with data bases


Lately I changed the location of the DICOM files on my computer. Since then I’m not able to load patients because the file path is not existing.
I was trying to remove the patients from the the DICOM database (by right click->delete) or by ‘remove all data sets’ (in the DICOM database settings) or to reinstall the program. All with no success.
I was trying to just upload the new DICOM files again-did not help.

This is what I get in the Python Console:
[Python] Warning: Warning: 481 of 481 selected files listed in the database cannot be found on disk.
[Python] See python console for error message.
[Qt] SQLITE ERROR: could not remove seriesInstanceUID 1.2.392.200036.9133.3.1.710358.4.20230501154541363
[Qt] SQLITE ERROR: Unable to fetch row

is there a way to remove all patients from the database or change the files path?

Thank you for your help!

An easy way would be to change the database directory (database setting at bottom of DICOM module) and then re-import the files of interest from their new location.

Thank you for your replay

Unfortunately it’s not solving the problem.
I’m also trying to create an new database in a new location but it failed.

Is there another way to remove data sets from the existing database? (not from the DICOM database settings)