Problem with Monaibundle app

I have a problem with MonaiBundle. I just started trying to use the models from the Monailabel Zoo through the MonaiBundle app. When I click on ‘run’ in ‘auto segmentation,’ I get the following error message: ‘Failed to run inference in MONAI Label Server. Message: Status: 500; Response: Internal Server Error’

Traceback (most recent call last): File “C:/Users/franb/AppData/Local/ 5.4.0/”, line 1524, in onClickSegmentation result_file, params = self.logic.infer(model, image_file, params, session_id=self.getSessionId()) File “C:/Users/franb/AppData/Local/ 5.4.0/”, line 2296, in infer result_file, params = client.infer(model, image_in, params, label_in, file, session_id) File “C:\Users\franb\AppData\Local\\Slicer 5.4.0\\Extensions-31938\MONAILabel\lib\Slicer-5.4\qt-scripted-modules\MONAILabelLib\”, line 344, in infer raise MONAILabelClientException(MONAILabelLib.client.MONAILabelClientException: (1, ‘Status: 500; Response: Internal Server Error’)

How can I solve it?

Please refer to the Monao Bundle How To that we have recently made.